What Is The Fees Of Fiitjee?

How can I join Fiitjee?

You can obtain a Paper Application Form from any FIITJEE Centre or from your School office.

Schools can obtain any number of Application Forms from any nearest FIITJEE centre.

Fill this Application Form carefully and submit it in person / send by post or courier to any nearest FIITJEE Centre..

What is the fees of Fiitjee for Class 11?

All FIITJEE Students who qualified for JEE Advanced also scored well in their XII Board Exams thus figuring in the Top 20 percentile of their respective Boards….Fee Strcuture.ProgramApproximate Fee without GST (Per Annum Fees in Rs.)Two Year Classroom Program for JEE (Advanced)_Sunday1,11,0001 more row

Is Narayana good for JEE?

Obviously Narayana is good for IIT Preparation you can see the top ranks achieved by the college and from past years its growth is more. They implement advanced teaching methods and structured mock tests and quiz hours plays a major role in the success of the student to crack a IIT.

Is Narayana material enough for JEE?

Material of all coaching classes is more or less similar . You can opt for any one . Narayana is also ok. You need a practical study material for JEE preparation.

How much do Fiitjee teachers earn?

FIITJEE employees with the job title Senior Lecturer, Postsecondary / Higher Education make the most with an average annual salary of ₹750,267, while employees with the title Senior Lecturer, Postsecondary / Higher Education make the least with an average annual salary of ₹750,267.

How many batches are there in Fiitjee?


What is the fees of Fiitjee for Class 10?

Kindly contact your nearest FIITJEE Centre for more details. Course Fee: Rs. 11, 600 (Plus GST) – The present rate of GST is 18%. Note: Only Admission Fee will be charged from the State Toppers (wherever it is declared).

Is Fiitjee better or Narayana?

Class rooms-The classrooms in Fiitjee win hands down, excellent and good atmosphere to study, whereas Narayana the benches do not even have a backrest considering you study for many many hours.

Is Fiitjee good for IIT?

No wonder, it has been ranked as India’s number one coaching institute for engineering entrance exams by India Today. That’s not all – out of the top 50 All India Rank holders for JEE Advanced 2019, 21 were from FIITJEE.

Which coaching is best for IIT?

Here is the list of best 10 coaching institutes for IIT JEE Main/Advanced preparation in India:Allen. … Resonance. … FIITJEE. … Narayana. … Aakash. … Vibrant Academy. … PACE. … Vidyamandir Classes. Run by a group of Ex-IITians, Vidyamandir Classes have been able to produce extraordinary results over the past years.More items…•

Is Fiitjee good for Class 9?

In class 9th i had hardly 25% i hadn’t given ftre so i saved loads on money. Then it helped me get directly into top batch as they give top batch to their previous students until first phase test and then students are shuffled on merit.

Is resonance good for IIT?

Resonance has a very low percent of success ratio. You’ll find many intelligent students around you, while in resonance the number of dumd students is higher than the intelligent ones. Its study material is not meant for boards or mains, but very much good for JEE advanced.

Which branch of Fiitjee is best?

There is no such thing as the best banch of Fiitjee. Every branch has awesome teachers and students who are really dedicated. Rather than rating Fiitjee South Delhi as the best, people should also have a look at Fiitjee Punjabi Bagh , Fiitjee Faridabad , Fiitjee Jaipur and Fiitjee Chennai , just to name a few .

Is Fiitjee free?

FIITJEE Integrated School Programs are a dream of FIITJEE team to bring renaissance in the Indian Education System and we try to move towards Ideal School Education. Being a private initiative at highly subsidised course fee, the seats for all integrated school programs are limited.

What is the fees of Fiitjee for Class 8?

The fee charged by FIITJEE starts at Rs. 25000/- for class 6th. Class 7 and 8 are integrated hence consolidated fee of Rs. 70000/-.

Does Fiitjee refund fees?

Note: FIITJEE has a very strict NO REFUND/RETURN/CANCELLATION POLICY regarding all matters of monetary transaction. Amount once paid will not be returned/refunded under any circumstance.

What is full form of Fiitjee?

Forum for Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (FIITJEE) is a cram school in India.

Is Fiitjee a school?

All FIITJEE Integrated School Programs are part of our social efforts and the fee that we charge is less than the cost of delivery of these programs. We encourage Students / Parents to choose an Integrated Program over after-the-school regular program to prepare for JEE (Main & Advanced) without additional stress.

Does Fiitjee give summer holidays?

10. You will devote a minimum of 15 full days every year during your summer vacation, winter vacation or other holiday/ vacation to serve FIITJEE by addressing seminars / workshops for the current FIITJEE Students as well as prospective FIITJEE Students.

Which is better Fiitjee or Aakash?

But over here, FIITJEE is better than AAKASH in terms of quality of faculty and in quality of education provided. Here in AAKASH the behavior and knowledge of the faculty is not good but in FIITJEE we have first class teachers and get dumdaar education.

Can I crack JEE without coaching?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to get a brilliant score in the IIT JEE Advanced exam without attending any coaching classes at all.