Quick Answer: What Does Resinated Mean?

What does resonate with you mean?

So, when you say that something resonates with you, you’re saying that it is sympathetic with your own experience and outlook.

It is particularly meaningful for you and you may be moved emotionally by it.

But you might not be moved to action, either to do something or to create something..

What’s the opposite of resonate?

Antonyms for resonate damp, deaden, dull, dampen, quiet.

Does not resonate with me meaning?

It’s an idiom, or saying, that means that some topic has meant something to you. “Resonate” means to reverberate, or echo, as in sound.

What is reinstatement in piping?

2-reinstatement. means: installing pipes as on drawings and removing test, preparing the line for ready for turnover.

What is a current reinstatement cost?

The Reinstatement Cost of your home is how much it would cost to completely rebuild the property if it were totally destroyed, for example by a fire. It is not the same as the value of your home, and covers the cost of materials and labour. Reinstatement Costs are for an accurate reconstruction of your property.

What does Resinating mean?

1. resinate – impregnate with resin to give a special flavor to; “Greek wines are often resinated” viniculture, viticulture – the cultivation of grapes and grape vines; grape growing.

How do you use the word resonate?

Resonates sentence examplesthud of hooves resonates around the ring. … resonates quite closely like real life. … resonates as strongly with consumers as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung. … You sound the bugle that resonates around the glen signaling an avalanche of boulders on the unsuspecting soldiers.More items…

What does the word resonate means?

English Language Learners Definition of resonate : to continue to produce a loud, clear, deep sound for a long time. : to have particular meaning or importance for someone : to affect or appeal to someone in a personal or emotional way.

Can a person resonate with something?

To feel shared emotions or beliefs with something or someone: Everywhere she speaks, millions resonate with her message.

Is resonation a word?

1. to resound. 2. to act as a resonator; exhibit resonance. 3. to amplify vocal sound by the sympathetic vibration of air in certain cavities and bony structures. 4. to cause to resound.

What does reinstate mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to place again (as in possession or in a former position) 2 : to restore to a previous effective state.

How do you spell Resinate?

verb (used with object), res·in·at·ed, res·in·at·ing. to treat with resin, as by impregnation.

What’s another word for resonate?

Resonate Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for resonate?reverberateechoresoundsoundpulsatereechovibrateboomoscillatering116 more rows

What is the meaning of resonance?

strong and deep in toneSomething with resonance has a deep tone or a powerful lasting effect. … Resonance is the quality of being “resonant,” which can mean “strong and deep in tone” or “having a lasting effect.” If your voice has resonance, you might consider a profession that involves public speaking.

What does it mean when your insurance is reinstated?

Reinstatement in the insurance industry means a person’s previously terminated policy can resume if the already insured meets the specific requirements for reinstatement. Typically insurance companies offer policyholders a grace period for late payments before a policy terminates.