Question: What EQU Means?

What is EQU in assembly language?

The EQU directive only tells the assembler to substitute a value for a symbol or label, and doesn’t involve any type of ROM or RAM.

EQU directives are typically placed at the beginning of an assembly program..

Is EQI a word?

EQI is not a valid scrabble word.

How do you use EQU?

The EQU instruction assigns absolute or relocatable values to symbols. Use it to: Assign single absolute values to symbols. Assign the values of previously defined symbols or expressions to new symbols, thus letting you use different mnemonics for different purposes.

Is EQE a word?

EQE may refer to: External quantum efficiency.

What are assembler directives in microprocessor?

An assembler directive is a statement to give direction to the assembler to perform task of the assembly process. … An assembler supports directives to define data, to organise segments to control procedure, to define macros. It consists of two types of statements: instructions and directives.

What is Ltorg?

Use the LTORG instruction so that the assembler can collect and assemble literals into a literal pool. A literal pool contains the literals you specify in a source module either after the preceding LTORG instruction, or after the beginning of the source module.

What is DC B?

“DC.B” (I assume ‘define constant (byte)’ is used to tell the assembler that you with the final assembled program to have a byte of data embedded in it at the relative position in the source file”.

What is Ltorg statement?

The LTORG directive instructs the assembler to assemble the current literal pool immediately.

What does EQU stand for?

EQUAcronymDefinitionEQUEquationEQUEqual toEQUEquivalent UnitEQUExtremely Qualified User4 more rows

Is EQU a word in Scrabble?

EQU is not a valid scrabble word.