The Change Agents Series Intro

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As so many of you already know, I am in the middle of writing my third book entitled, D+I=EI(Relational DNA). After five years of working in the Diversity and Inclusion field, I have come to realize that we as a whole really don’t know how to do Diversity and Inclusion. Whether we are HR Professionals, department leaders or The Chief Of Diversity and inclusion for an organization, the truth is we are trying to build a diversified and inclusive environment from scratch. The fact is, there is no model or blueprint to follow. Some of us are doing better jobs at ‘winging it’ than others and out of those successes, there have been some great competencies of D&I that we can apply in our workplace, home, and social settings. Diversity and Inclusion does not have to be a trial and error process.

After years of working as a motivational speaker, certified life coach, certified human behavior specialist, D&I expert, and being a person of multiple differences from the norm I come to realize that there is a science behind building a diverse and inclusive environment. The book will reveal in more detail the science behind it, but here is a quick synopsis:

  1. Everyone has what is called EI (Emotional Intelligence). Emotional Intelligence is described as the ability of an individual to identify their own emotions, identify the emotions of others, distinguish between emotions and reality; then to utilize this knowledge in their day to day behavior and in key decision-making.
  2. Relational DNA is a unique makeup that determines a person’s innate response to life. It allows people to understand and embrace themselves and others.
  3. Diversity is understanding that everyone has valuable differences, inclusion is cashing in on those valuable differences.

When an individual or a team has a full grasp on their relational DNA it raises their emotional intelligence level opening the door for diversity and inclusion to become a reality in their home life, social life and professional life.

As you can imagine, in order to write this book I had to pull from my years of experience and knowledge.  When you read the book hopefully you will appreciate the amount of research that was done on the topic. However, I am not writing this blog to tell you about the book. I am actually writing it to tell you about the next four blogs I will be writing and posting. I’m calling it, ‘The Change Agent Series.’ These are four high-profile individuals who are unconfined when it comes to their personal and professional lives; therefore, they have indirectly become powerful Change Agents in the diversity and inclusion field. These Change Agents successfully demonstrate how a person’s relational DNA can play a role in their Emotional Intelligence to make a huge impact on diversity and inclusion.

I hope that you will stay tuned and read the Change Agent Series. It will not only be insightful but inspiring as you read how these high profile individuals did not let popularity, preconceived notions or biases confine them personally or professionally. They are truly Unconfined Leaders.

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On September 19, 2017
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