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Autographed Book — No Longer Confined: One mans triumphant pursuit of truth, wholeness and freedom.

Journal — You can choose to write down Christopher’s Q&A portion after each chapter or utilize this tool to chart your personal journey to freedom.

T-shirt — Perfect for any day and an ideal way to demonstrate your part in the Unconfined Movement.

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Christopher Coleman is dedicated to showcasing popular products that spread his positive and inspiring original messages.   People all over the globe have limitless logo-apparel and product choices.   Proudly wearing an item in Christopher Coleman’s collection, or using an accessory bearing Christopher’s visually uplifting mottos and axioms, reflects how you see yourself and how you want others to view you.   The “Live An Unconfined Life” mantra is one of many that Christopher will unveil, in order to spread the word about freedom of choice and living a life without boundaries.

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