Faith-Based Topics

“The core of your faith comes from within; there you will find wholeness.” ~Christopher Coleman~


Christopher Coleman’s Faith-Based Topics


The Crippling Effect of Being Spiritually Confined

What Does it Really Mean to be Free? 

The engulfing feeling of being confined spiritually prevents a person from living the life this world enables them to live. In this message Christopher challenges the audience to not be confined by their “Spiritual Wheelchairs.” He demonstrates the powerful life story of how a wheelchair has not confined him from finding spiritual freedom and peace of mind. Whatever your faith, however you choose to find wholeness, the core of your faith comes from within.   In Christopher’s amazing message you will discover:

  • The meaning of true freedom
  • Spiritual freedom is not confined to earthly conditions
  • The importance of being spiritually free

 The Power of a Disabled Life

Displaying Spiritual Abilities by Recognizing Your Earthly Disability

Many people who have faith are still living their life confined. They are trying to live a faith-based life built on their worldly knowledge, earthly abilities and feelings. When all of the above fails them, they feel inadequate. A confined man impacts the world by focusing on his external strength rather than his spiritual resources. By the same token, the unconfined man impacts the world by recognizing his weaknesses and turning to his spiritual resources for his ultimate strength.   In Christopher’s message you will discover:

  • It is okay to not have your life ‘all together’
  • How to channel your spiritual resources despite your weaknesses
  • The importance of exercising your faith

Living Unconfined Joy

Real Joy Cannot be Hidden

Unconfined joy is consistent peace in your inner being. It shines when the rain comes, the wind blows, and life becomes cold. When one decides to live in the state of unconfined joy, they possess the power to convert personal trials into spiritual growth. Unconfined joy shines when the rain comes, the wind blows, and life becomes cold. Joy is a fruit that flourishes in any climate—despite circumstances. When joy reaches our hearts, the very root of who we are, unconfined joy will blossom. People living in an authentic state of unconfined joy reach out to share their joy with others. A person living an authentic, unconfined joyous life is not selfish.   People living with unconfined joy are leaders, nurturers, and survivors who shine their joy onto others.   In Christopher’s message you will discover:

  • There is a difference between finding happiness and discovering joy
  • Hard times will come and go, but joy remains
  • Why authentic joy cannot be confined

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