Educational Topics

“A Students’ determination, character and passion are the keys to unlocking the doors that confine them —doors that lead to a quality education and a successful career based on their unique gifts and talents. ”    ~ Christopher Coleman~  


Christopher Coleman’s Educational Topics


Embracing and Revealing the Potential Within

The Role A Student Plays In Their Education  

A student who cannot realize or define all of their hidden potential, cannot visualize who they can become. Therefore, they are educationally confined.  Students will learn that their determination, character and passion are the keys to unlocking the doors to an education that leads to a successful career. Christopher will help students to realize the hidden potential that exists in all of us, no matter your age, race, religion, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation. He will inspire students to define what they want out of life, and challenge them to grasp the opportunity to enhance their lives through a good education.


In Christopher’s message you will discover:

  • Your degree of freedom is equivalent to your level of education
  • Education is not an obligation, it is an opportunity
  • The potential within is the key to unlocking doors of opportunity


Focus on Abilities, Not Disabilities

Are You Pulling Yourself Up Or Letting Yourself Down? 

Every student has to face the potential of succeeding or the danger of failing. The opportunity to rise or fall is based upon the decisions we make. Due to insecurities associated with being unique, students oftentimes allow what they think they cannot do confine them, and never reach for higher goals. In this message Christopher shares how focusing on his abilities allowed him to rise above his disability.


In Christopher’s message you will discover:

Your disability in any area or subject can become the platform for your ability

Your internal strengths can overshadow any weaknesses

A disabled body cannot confine an able mind


Bringing The Diamond Out In You

There Is Always More Than Meets The Eye 

Students cannot let their home situations or the stereotypical presumptions of other students confine them. Christopher knows first hand what it is like to grow up in a rough or less than ideal environment, as well as being bullied, segregated and ostracized by his peers. However, he knew he was a ‘diamond in the rough.’ He knew that his gifts, talents and abilities would some day rise to the surface and shine. Christopher gives students the courage to ‘unlock the box’ that prevents others from getting inside to see their true gifts, talents and abilities.


In Christopher’s message you will discover:

Your view of yourself changes the world’s view of you

You know the value of a diamond by the way it is displayed or presented

You cannot expect people to see what you’re not willing to show them

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