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Christopher Coleman’s keynote speeches are riveting, emotional, inspirational and unforgettable.

These speeches focuses on the qualities, experiences and work styles that make individuals unique – such as age, race, religion, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, and sexual orientation and how organizations can realize the benefits of leveraging those qualities in support of business objectives.

Not Letting Your Wheelchair Confine You
Real Freedom Comes From Within

People feel confined to circumstances that prevent them from living the life that they are capable of living. The compelling directive to “get out of your wheelchair” not only exemplifies Christopher’s refusal to allow his wheelchair to confine him, but challenges audiences to not be confined by their symbolic wheelchairs.

In Christopher’s message you will discover:

Faith is a higher and more redeeming power than knowledge.

Everyone is disabled.

Accepting the truth of your disability will set you free.

Consequences are not a reason to stay confined to your wheelchair.

There are no conditions or circumstances that can hold you back.


Overcoming Adversity
Moving Ahead In Spite of Circumstances

Overcoming adversity is not merely possessing the right strategy or tools.  It has everything to do with the innate strength and conditioning of your mind, heart, and soul, as well as possessing the conviction and focus to confront and conquer challenges.  A positive attitude, fiery passion and due diligence are essential in order to attack adversity, turn it into diversity and to patiently scope out life-changing opportunities.

In Christopher’s message you will discover:

Being prepared for tomorrow means you are willing to sacrifice today.

Comfort, ease, recognition, and quick rewards are something we have to put off today in order to enjoy the ripening fruits of tomorrow.

Adversity molds character and builds endurance.  It puts us on the path of truth on our road to success.


Success Comes From Within
Allowing the Internal Light to Light Your Path

There is no such thing as a fleeting glimpse of light. That little glow that you see is shining brightly from within. Trace it back to its original source. You will find there is more where that came from.

In Christopher’s message you will discover:

Success does not come from acquiring, achieving, or advancing. It comes from growing into your true potential.

Opportunity comes from mustering the courage to make a change in order to live out the life you believe you can have.

Acquiring an authentic image of who you are allows you to correctly imagine your possibility and future.

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