Identifying The True Enemy.



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If you can remember, my last newsletter/blog referred to D&I as a war. The recent events in Charlottesville, VA are solid proof of this theory. North Korea is not half as a threat to America as we are to ourselves. America is clearly on the path to self-destruction. I have volunteered to be on the frontlines of this war because I understand that someone must teach us how to get along or we will destroy ourselves.


The thing America needs to comprehend is taking down the confederate flags and Robert E. Lee monuments aren’t about erasing America’s history. We cannot erase history but thank God we can correct our mistakes. This is the whole purpose of taking down the flags and the monuments. Correcting our mistakes, as a country is patriotism at it’s best. Interfering with this process is domestic terrorism.


In a war, you must identify your enemy quickly. Being able to name and accurately profile your enemy is the most crucial step in any war. President Trump’s delay in identifying specifically the White Supremacists is an indication that he, as the Commander In Chief, and those around him are not ready to accept that a domestic terrorist could be so close to home. America needs to know that regardless of how close to home the terrorists are, our Commander In Chief will not only identify them but take the necessary steps to eradicate them and ultimately end the war.


Secondly, freedom of speech is our right; there is no doubt about it. But I think it’s time for America to take on the same challenge that Matthew McConaughey’s character gave the judges in ‘A Time To Kill.’ Imagine if these White Supremacists were Black Supremacists protesting the taking down of flags and monuments. It would have been a full on riot, the police officers would have come out with guns, shields, billy clubs and hoses. They just would have stood for it.  People of Color would not have been given the same grace and consideration that we are giving to White Supremacists. We, as a country, have the responsibility of considering how people’s actions will affect this country as a whole.  Taking on this responsibility is the only way this war is going to be put to an end.

D&I aka WAR

Thank you for trusting me on the front lines and allowing me to speak to your organization:

– Virginia Commonwealth University symposium on September 26, 2017

– McDaniel College Diversity and Inclusion lecture on October 10, 2017

– Ahold/Delhaize Diversity and Inclusion program on October 24, 2017

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