Holistic Equality

Christopher Coleman is a motivational speaker, life coach, author, D&I expert, the founder/CEO of Unconfined Life Institute and a grassroots activists for social change. His organization, Unconfined Life Institute, is a nonprofit dedicated to leading all people towards a life unconfined to circumstances and situations. Christopher is aware equality is the foundational key needed to live life unconfined. He acknowledges, over the years, the fearless march towards equality has decreased to a slow crawl. He believes society has settled for “fragmented equality;” freedom broken up into different sizes and pieces and distributed by the privileged based on ones social status. Christopher wants us to remember that equality in the U.S. can’t happen by an inward focus. Harriet Tubman had the broad understanding that she wasn’t really free until she did her part to help other slaves find freedom; so she went back. Therefore, Christopher is dedicated to getting out his wheelchair in order to crawl one mile to each of the 27 state lines that were crossed on the path of the Underground Railroad. Some may be able to run, many will walk and a few of us will have to crawl, but together Christopher believes we can reach equality for all. Join Christopher on 1 or more of 27 crawls or state line rallies.


To launch a holistic nonviolent movement for equality that promotes democracy, human rights and social change.


After gaining her freedom, Harriet Tubman, help over 3,000 more slaves out of captivity. By revisiting the Underground Railroad Christopher hopes to remind the citizens of this country that equality for all can only be reached by going back for one another. His mission is to revive the slow crawl to equality back to a fearless march. The decrease in momentum is the result of a self-centered perspective on equality. People of color, the LGBTQ community, individuals  with disabilities, immigrants, the HIV/AIDS community, the low income community, the homeless community, the ex-felons population, the female population, people of faith population and all their allies has to have a vision for equality beyond their self-interest. We must all come together as grassroots activists to unite in the fight for equality. It’s time to combine our  passion for equality and resources in order to move towards equality for all.


  • To start a nonviolent grassroots movement that will bring people together in their passion for equality.
  • To educate people on the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  • Empower individuals to value and leverage differences.
  • Accept and become a vital part of our constantly changing world.
  • To embrace and inspire the uniqueness of future generations.

State Lines:

Florida – Georgia

Georgia- South Carolina

Louisiana – Mississippi

South Carolina- North Carolina

North Carolina- Virginia

Virginia- Pennsylvania

Alabama- Mississippi

Arkansas- Mississippi

Mississippi- Tennessee

Tennessee- Kentucky

Ohio- Montana

Kentucky- Ohio

Kentucky- Indiana

Illinois- Michigan

Indiana- Michigan

Connecticut- Rhode Island


New York- Canada

Pennsylvania- New York

Tennessee- North Carolina

Vermont- Ohio

Virginia- Philadelphia

New York- Connecticut

Michigan- Canada

Maine- Vermont

New Hampshire- Maine

Rhode Island- New Hampshire


  • Each crawl is tentative until completely funded and supported.






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