Host a Roundtable


Host a Roundtable with Christopher Coleman

Need an inspiring guest speaker to motivate your small group, sales team, organization, board members, or an assembly of entrepreneurs who need a jump-start?

Christopher Coleman is the most interesting and unforgettable guest you’ll ever host. From roundtable meetings to private dinner parties, or casual breakfast or luncheons, Christopher’s amazing story is guaranteed to intrigue, inspire and empower your members, committee, friends or colleagues.

Fire up you sales team! Inspire a group of aspiring entrepreneurs who are faced with self-doubt! Gain insight on the hidden abilities of the disabled at your next corporate board meeting! Motivate a group of small-business owners at your next luncheon.  Spur confidence in anyone you know who has a challenge—with the galvanizing table-talk of Christopher Coleman!


Roundtable basics: 

  • Ideal for groups of 4-50, or groups too small to cover the customary speaking engagement fee
  • Rates are $50 per person, for groups of 4-50 people (groups in excess of 50 people should inquire about customary speaking engagement fees)
  • For all Roundtables in the Metropolitan Atlanta area that require travel in excess of 15 miles from the downtown Atlanta area, an additional $100 Transportation Fee will be added to overall total fee collected.

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