Unconfined Conversations:
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Imagine a space where there are no prejudices, stereotypes, judgments or preconceived notions. Imagine a mass mindset that is void of fear and negative influences—where insecurities are defeated; and hope, dreams and ideals are set free to soar.  Imagine a world where everyone lives an unconfined life.

Christopher Coleman introduces viewers to ‘Unconfined Conversations,’ video blogs that opens the door to a ‘boundary-free’ existence. As the host of Unconfined Conversations, Christopher will offer viewers the same confidence–building discussions that he brings to the speaking circuit.   Christopher’s views are a culmination of authentic and relevant topics— aimed to raise the collective consciousness of humanity.

Despite Cerebral Palsy and a slight speech impediment, Christopher Coleman is living independently and traveling from speaking engagement to speaking engagement──where he discusses commentary that motivates audiences to “free themselves” from their particular “wheelchairs,” defined as whatever obstacles or challenges confine or hold them back.  He touches thousands with his motivating speeches, and has turned to online with the dream of inspiring millions.

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