Change Agent: Norman Lear

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Change Agent Series: Norman Lear
In my upcoming book, D+I= EI(Relational DNA) The Science Behind Diversity and Inclusion, I highlighted the work of four high profile change agents. Unconfined Life Institute was so inspired by their work we are launching the Unconfined Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award. This award is going to celebrities who have made and are making a huge impact on the Diversity and Inclusion movement through their influence. The first recipient of this award is someone many may not know by name alone but the world knows of his humor, Norman Lear.
Norman Lear was a writer and producer who flourished in the 1970s. Mr. Lear was courageous enough to use humor to open America’s eyes to diversity and inclusion. His stories range from the main character being a bigot in All In The Family, to a family living in the projects of Chicago in Good Times, on to a successful black man living in a high rise apartment in New York City in The Jefferson’s. On one episode of the Jefferson’s, even at a time that it was very taboo to consider be transgender, he pushed America’s thinking on the transgender community by writing a storyline in which George Jefferson’s male navy buddy visits him as a fully transitioned woman. Lear did this with so much class and humor that America began to open their eyes to diversity and inclusion in showbiz during the early 70’s.
Lear is an Unconfined Diversity and Inclusion Leader. No topic was off limits for him; racism, sexism, bigotry, interracial relationships, homosexuality, abortion, all. “We weren’t making anything up,” he was once famously quoted as saying, “It came out of caring and paying attention.” Little wonder the New York Times declared him “a master of TOPICAL humor.”
Thank you, Norman Lear, for bringing awareness to Diversity and Inclusion through your amazing humor. You have played a monumental role in encouraging America to live life unconfined.
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On October 26, 2017
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