Christopher Gives Back

As America’s Unconfined Motivational Speaker, Author and Life Coach, it is Christopher’s passion to teach individuals how to live an unconfined life. Christopher Gives Back is a benevolent initiative that focuses on collaborating with educational systems, faith-based organizations and community partners. Christopher Gives Back focuses on charitable endeavors where Christopher can share his story, coach individuals to their true gut-and-heart-level potential and offer creative opportunities within the community to help people live an Unconfined Life.


Christopher Gives Back includes, but is not limited to the following opportunities:

  • Sponsored Speaking Engagements for underserved communities
  • Sponsored Life Coach Sessions for underprivileged and at-risk individuals or groups
  • Volunteering at Shelters/Community-Help centered programs
  • Planning Self-Help events such as: Day of Beauty, Toys for Tots & Soldier’s Brunch

We are currently booking for sponsors and supporters to partner with us on this initiative.


***All activities that are a part of Christopher Gives Back are created, managed, and executed through a non profit organization, Unconfined Life Institute***

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