Christopher’s Letter to Mankind

Hello wonderful world,

From the moment I was born, and pronounced dead, my life has been one miraculous breakthrough after another. Doctors thought I would never talk. Today, I am talking to thousands who come to hear my words of inspiration. Some of my speech  may be broken, but my spirit is not broken. Few probably thought I’d be able to complete a college degree, move to a major  city alone, become a homeowner and successfully jet-set around the country to conduct business, just like everybody else.  Now, I am living an unconfined life.

What’s my definition of an unconfined life? Does it mean ability to walk? No, it goes much deeper than that. It means ability to soar … ability to be free. It is the experience of a personal, physical, spiritual, professional or financial breakthrough. Most people are confined in one or more of these areas. An Unconfined Life is a personal movement in which the individual presses beyond boundaries in ALL areas of their lives. Living an unconfined life means tearing down walls in all areas of your life.  I believe that you are living an Unconfined Life when circumstances do not prevent you from loving others (despite their possible differences), finding a healthy balance, living out your faith, pursuing your dream, and investing in your future.

My life’s mission is to provide encouragement and teach principles needed to live an Unconfined Life. I know that everyone, at some point, will experience personal, physical, spiritual, professional and financial barriers. Through life coaching, motivational speaking, written literature, TV, radio, and social media, I am available to guide individuals to their personal breakthrough.

How do we begin a movement toward an Unconfined Life? The process varies depending on the area of confinement, how strong the hold is on you, and how long you been confined in that area. There are 7 basic steps that must be applied:


Step 1: Admit To The Areas You Are Confined In

Is it personal, physical, spiritual, professional or financial?

Personally Unconfined – happens when we are daily pursuing a relational and emotional healthy life.

Physically Unconfined – is achieved when our health and mental condition do not dictate our lives.

Spiritually Unconfined – is when your truth and belief are drawn from something greater and deeper than ‘organized religion’.

Professionally Unconfined – is passionately doing work that relies on our contribution, challenges our work ethics and allows us to grow.

Financially Unconfined – is when our resources sustain us and benefit others.


Step 2: Identify The Barriers

Is there a line you will not cross, a box you cannot get out of, or an imaginary wall you believe to be real?

The Line – we draw the line based on a lack of knowledge, unwillingness to change, a degree of pride, or fear of the unknown.  Either way it’s a line that you have drawn and confined yourself to.

The Box – the box we find ourselves living in is the results of the thoughts and perspective of others, the fear of being judged, a  desire to fit in and the stereotypes you give in to. In this case your environment has confined you.

The Imaginary Wall – the imaginary wall is preconceived outcomes from un-researched information. It is a baseless theory  that has power over your life. It cannot even be traced back to a source. You are really confined in theory.


Step 3: Recognize The Influence YOU have on YOUR own Barriers

The Line, Box or Imaginary Wall is influencing four major components of your life. They influence your:

Thoughts – from the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep we are thinking about something.

Beliefs – what I often say is, your belief will sustain you or destroy you.

Convictions – your convictions are a combination of what you have a passion for and what you are willing to change.

Reality – your reality is the current condition that you are in.


Step 4: Examine The Line, Box & Imaginary Wall

Why does it have a hold on you?

How can you weaken its grip?

Did anyone play a role in your captivity?

Did you give in without a fight?


Step 5: Defining Your Breakthrough

How will it look to be totally free? (Visualize it, Sense it, See it, Smell it, Feel it)

What do you have to change?

What do you have to accept?

Who and what will your breakthrough affect?


Step 6: Plan Your Escape

What needs to be done?

When is the best time to do it?

Who needs to be involved?

What do you need to empower yourself to a breakthrough?


Step 7: Follow Through With The Plan & PUSH

Cry your last tear.

Let go of the past.

Look at the reality of the present.

Step out on the path to your desired future.

I understand this is a difficult process to go through, alone. I have good news: You do not have to. I can be right there with you; giving you more insight. I am available to you via life coaching; motivational speaking engagements; social media; my books; and my YouTube channel: Unconfined Conversations. You can always find me. Meanwhile, let everyone know you have joined the Unconfined Life Movement by visiting my store,\store, and buying your Unconfined Life hats, shirts, cups and more.


Are You living an unconfined life?

Finally free,